1. Better security due to authentication

    The recent LinkedIn password breach and the various Mac and Windows Trojan horses have many small business managers wondering if their data is actually safe. Even if you take steps to ensure safety, they may not be enough and your data may still be at risk. One method companies could...
  2. Prepare for the worst with BCP

    Disasters happen on a daily basis. Sometimes they’re big, wiping out communities, other times they’re small, affecting one online machine or computer. No matter the size of disaster, it pays for businesses, especially small businesses, to prepare for the worst. The only problem is, many small businesses don’t prepare and...
  3. Facebook’s useful hidden features

    One of the most popular things software developers do is provide hidden functions, often called easter eggs. These features are sometimes jokes, other times they’re a useful function that for some reason was deemed not important enough to make it onto the main parts of the program. Facebook has some...
  4. Your business should buy business tech

    The main ethos of businesses these days is to make do with what you have, or minimize spending in the hopes of turning a profit. This can be tough for businesses who have to replace their technology. While it may be cheaper to buy customer based solutions, this can prove...
  5. Dispelling 3 common BI myths

    Business Intelligence (BI) has become a major aspect of business, as such, companies large and small are adopting implementing BI projects. The problem is, this can cause concern regarding job safety among other things. These “myths” can quickly spiral out of control and demoralize a whole office or company. In...
  6. LinkedIn springs a password leak

    Business owners often have multiple accounts with many different websites and Web services. There’s one element that links them all together, no matter their purpose: the password. A password is an owner’s sacred key that’s trusted to very few people. You expect that when you share your password with a...
  7. Watch out! Facebook used to spread worms

    The security of a network and the systems within it is top of mind for many IT professionals and business owners. As such, many small business owners are implementing security measures to ensure their system stays secure. There’s a new malware program that could threaten the security of your system,...
  8. Backup your data or lose it all

    With the increasing amount of serious disasters striking around the globe, businesses are taking steps to ensure that they can keep operating during an emergency and that their data is protected. Striving to protect your data by backing it up is a good business practice, and can help ensure your...
  9. 4 benefits of social customer service

    Customer service is one of the most integral parts of the company-client relationship and possibly the only part where a company interacts with customers at all points in the relationship. The modern customer’s becoming technologically adept, and is starting to prefer to interact with companies through social media. As such,...
  10. Outsourcing to virtual assistants helps

    The figure of speech, “Jack of all trades, master of none” can be applied to many small business owners. While many view themselves as masters of all business functions, there’s normally a function that they could use help on. This help normally comes in the form of an employee, but...

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